Chain stopper

Chain stopper

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OCIMF Chain stopper 

China Largest Marine OCIMF Chain Stopper Factory, Manufacturer, Military supplier, stockist, ship OCIMF Chain for sale 

The OCIMF Chain stopper:

Standard: OCIMF

Material: cast steel or as required.

Use: Recommendations for Equipment Employed in the Bow Mooring of Conventional Tankers at Single Point Moorings   

Certification: BV LR .....

Type:  can offer 250T 350T

Dimension: the diamension and detailed plinth dimension requirement, please contact us.

Our advantage

1. Rich Experience: our technician team is the team who compile Chinese Anchor Chain Standard.

Most of our workers works in this field for more than 4 years, and reliable training system ensure even new workers know manufacturing process correctly.

2. Reliable Quality Control System.

We are ISO9001 approval and approved by all IACS class societies.

We keep some sizes in stock, but it changes quickly, for solid information, please contact our sales department.


Note: Other information such as dimension, the detailed plinth dimension, usage, lead time, please also contact our sales department,

We can also proved other Deck safety devices and chain stoppers 

Panama chock, Fairlead roller, smit bracket, casting bar type chain stopper and so on

that can be installed on all types of vessels and for different chain sizes to fit newbuilds as well as retrofit for sailing ship.

Any inquiry, please contact us:

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